Pecha Kucha Brussels photos

Some more photos have been added on flickr by capsphoto:


PK Vol.02

The second evening of Pecha Kucha Brussels will take place on January 20th 2008, at 20:20.

Location to be annouced in few days.

Line-up of speakers is nearly ready. Here are some of them:

Jean Paul van Bendeghem – scientist
Salvatore Bono, architect Buro2networks
Bart Cardinaal & Nadine Roos, HunkDesign Rotterdam
Cécile Chanvillard / Cédric Libert / Vincent …
… Piroux / Gilles Vanderstocken – ANORAK architecture
Satinder Gill, Gesture and Multi-Modal Communication, UK
François Jégou, strategic design scenarios & SEP
Jan van den Bergh, Boondoggle, ex iMerge, web design agency
Rob Van Kranenburg, RFID and cultural operator
Olu Vandebusche, Textile design for the visually challenged
Joannes Vandermeulen, archaeologist & user experience expert
Angelo Vermeulen, biologist artist video gamer performer DJ
Bernard Yslaire, graphic novelist “le XXème ciel”

Pecha Kucha – {creativity*conversation}

The Pecha Kucha Brussels premiere was a real-life “experience” about {creativity*conversation}, and did attract the audience – venue was full full full. Thanks to you all for being there, the speakers did a great job, thanks to the partners for the in-kind support (see partners tab on the top of the page here) and Namahn for the seeding. Duvel and Cafe Belga allowed the conversations to flow. Great.

Some are already talking about this event, like:

Some images are on flickr.

Thanks and do let us know your feedback, as well as links to sites about this (blogs, flickr, …).

Should you wanna be a Pecha Kucha speaker, or support the evenings to come, contact Alok Nandi via the form on Architempo.

Speakers of Pecha Kucha Brussels Vol.01 were:
Bud Blumenthal – choreographer & dancer
Thierry Brunfaut & Dimitri Jeurissen – BaseDesign
Aureia Harvey & Michael Samyn – Tale of Tales
Jan Kriekels – Jaga Radiator Factory
Giovanna Massoni – independent curator “Table Talks”
Francis Metzger – Ma² / Metzger et Associés Architecture
François Pachet – CSL Sony Lab Paris
Paolo Pellizzari – photographer
Peter Scholliers – historian on everyday life and food
Diane Steverlynck – designer

The others could not make it for health, family or personal reason. More soon. Stay tuned.

20 nov.: be there early.

300+ persons have registered for the premiere of Pecha Kucha Night Brussels. Be there early.

This evening benefits from the logistical help of partners like for the programming of the application managing the images displayed, Projectiondesign for the projector, for the graphical execution of the poster on site, for the audio and co.

Duvel is providing a surprise as well as Design Brussels.

Partners of Pecha Kucha Brussels include Crosstalks/VUB, Best of & Design September, Convergences, Ebuco, Flanders Fashion Institute, Quinze & Milan and Duvel.
Namahn provides the seeding for the first season.

See you there.

already 200

Pecha Kucha Night Brussels is getting crowded. Already 200 persons are registered. The first 100 to be in the loft (rue Alphonse DeWittestraat, 18, near place Flagey plein) will receive a “design surprise”. Stay tuned and do spread the information. Be there before 20.00 – It will start sharp at 20:20 !

Registration in place

The first ever Pecha Kucha Night in Belgium is free to attend.

However, by registering, you will help us organizing the evening smoothly: