Pecha Kucha Brussels Vol.03 registration open

People are already registering for Vol.03 to take place on March 20th, at 20:20 !

Stay tuned about location, speakers, …


Pecha Kucha Brussels Vol.02

The second evening of Pecha Kucha went great, as per audience feedback. The venue was twice bigger than previous time, and it was again full full. Do let us know your feedback so we try to take into account. Vs. previous one, it was less cold, there was food & drink available and networking space …

Thanks already for some reactions in the blogosphere (in Nederlands) :

or in English:

For those who wanna speak or partner, just connect to Alok NANDI via the form on

Be there early

Hola Pecha Kucha Afficionados,

Be there early, 480 persons have registered for tonight. It will be crowded. Thanks to help us with a smooth check-in. Ample opportunities for conversations on site after the presentations, with bar & catering available. We will start at 20:20 sharp, à la Pecha Kucha.

Alok NANDI  – { creativity * conversation }

450 persons registered

For the Vol. 02 of Pecha Kucha Brussels taking place this Sunday Jan. 20th at iMAL, 450 persons have registered !

Do come early for a smooth beginning – we will start sharp at 20:20, like any Pecha Kucha Night in the world.

For those blogging, flickring, shooting, … thanks to tag with “Pecha Kucha Brussels”

See also updated list of speakers on

Pecha Kucha Sunday

Happy 2008 to PK Afficionados.

Jan. 20th is a Sunday. But we have already 350+ persons registered for this second evening. Pecha Kucha Brussels is nomadic and this time it is near the canal. Parking should be easier with this location. Be there early. It will start sharp at 20:20