Pecha Kucha Night Brussels Vol.09

Pecha Kucha Night Brussels Vol.09 is taking place on Sept. 19th, 2009.


Important Note in Brussels

Unbelievable. Inacceptable. I discovered today that a political party is organizing a pechakucha, stealing the name & format.
Please note that PKN Brussels has nothing to do with the evening organized in Brussels on May 28th. There is no affiliation and we are trying to know who is organizing this evening.

PKN Brussels is organized by Alok Nandi, Architempo, as part of the Global PK activities with Astrid Klein, Mark Dytham and the PK HQ in Tokyo.
This abusive undertaking is simply unethical.

Alok b. Nandi
Brussels, May 28th 2009

5 seconds after mentioned at pkn 08 brussels

Pecha Kucha Brussels was again full hall and some pictures to be published soon (time, time, time, … where are thou …).
PKN08 was twittered during the evening and here is the address

Also, this picture was online 5 seconds after taking it thanks to NeK and twitpic

See you on Sept. 19th for PKN 09
Enjoy the summer !

Run-up to Claridge in Brussels May 14th

Looks like Pecha Kucha Night Brussels Vol.08 will be crowded ! Register fast.
All tests have been done – 11 screens in a great Art Deco venue.
See you there.

Registration for Pecha Kucha Brussels

Vol.08 is taking place at Claridge and registration is open via EventBrite

An 11 screens venue ! and speakers names to be published soon. Stay tuned …

Speakers of Pecha Kucha May 14th in Brussels

Speakers foreseen on May 14th, 2009 are
_ Isabel Biver – Brussels disappearing cinema venues
_ Eric Boschman – cuisine stories
_ Philippe Claeys – Earth Sciences VUB
_ Axel Cleeremans – neuro-psychology, ULB – Consciousness, Cognition & Computation
_ Jan Coenen – a20 architects
_ Benoît Drouillat – Pecha Kucha Paris and Designers Interactifs
_ Naemia – style and fashion / photos by Ahmed Bahhodh
_ Victor Levy – architect, photographer, professor La Cambre Archi and Victor Horta
_ Joëlle Liberman – Egerie Research, trends and qualitative research
_ Pierre Portevin – C-Bridge, collective intelligence
_ Geoffroy Simon – getyoo, RFID and social networking
_ Frank Theys – artist
_ Eric Tirlo – Kin-Ball sport
_ Olivier Verbeke – microplaza, knowledgeplaza, social media
_ Maarten Vandenbroucke – unmanned aircraft systems, aerial images
_ Isabelle Wéry – comédienne
_ Théâtre de la Vie – slam stories

and a special appearance by
_ St-Lucas Design School students w/ Annelies Vaneycken – “Accents” workshop