Speakers of Pecha Kucha May 14th in Brussels

Speakers foreseen on May 14th, 2009 are
_ Isabel Biver – Brussels disappearing cinema venues
_ Eric Boschman – cuisine stories
_ Philippe Claeys – Earth Sciences VUB
_ Axel Cleeremans – neuro-psychology, ULB – Consciousness, Cognition & Computation
_ Jan Coenen – a20 architects
_ Benoît Drouillat – Pecha Kucha Paris and Designers Interactifs
_ Naemia – style and fashion / photos by Ahmed Bahhodh
_ Victor Levy – architect, photographer, professor La Cambre Archi and Victor Horta
_ Joëlle Liberman – Egerie Research, trends and qualitative research
_ Pierre Portevin – C-Bridge, collective intelligence
_ Geoffroy Simon – getyoo, RFID and social networking
_ Frank Theys – artist
_ Eric Tirlo – Kin-Ball sport
_ Olivier Verbeke – microplaza, knowledgeplaza, social media
_ Maarten Vandenbroucke – unmanned aircraft systems, aerial images
_ Isabelle Wéry – comédienne
_ Théâtre de la Vie – slam stories

and a special appearance by
_ St-Lucas Design School students w/ Annelies Vaneycken – “Accents” workshop


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