How to participate and present ? Just contact us using the form. Already NINE Pecha Kucha Nights in Brussels programmed. We are busy preparing PKN 10. Get involved.

Can I speak in any language (English, Dutch, French) ? YES.

More soon and meanwhile you can contact Alok Nandi at


4 Comments on “Contact”

  1. ine says:

    i’d like to come. somewhere a wiki to attend?

  2. pechakucha says:

    Hi Ine,

    a registration zone will be set in few weeks
    more soon and the speakers’ list is building up – stay tuned
    location recce is in progress

    alok nandi

  3. Niels says:


    I would like to go tonight to Pecha Kucha @ the recyclart, but I was too late to reserve a ticket.
    Would it still be possible for me to get it?


  4. pechakucha says:

    hi Niels

    be there early and we will have you in

    alok nandi

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